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Product Familiarization 3D Printing

Transforming 2D Design Using 3Doodler

3Doodler is a 3D pen that allows students to bring their 2D ideas to life! Join us for this session where we will explore opportunities to engineer their own unique designs using the 3Doodler pen. With 3Doodler, students can take their 2D designs and assemble them together to create 3D creations. We will also explore ready-to-use stencils and lesson plans to help get the creation process started in your classroom.

Ultimaker: Optimizing Your 3D Print

The Cura software by Ultimaker is a free slicing software with over 200 settings to adjust your 3D print to fit your needs. Join us as we show you where to download the software and learn specific skills to enhance the details and optimize your 3D model.

MakerBot Sketch Basics

Need some help getting started with your new MakerBot Sketch printer? Join our session to explore the basics of MakerBot's Sketch 3D printer hardware. Learn the parts of your printer and how to get it set up to start your first print. You will also be introduced to the resources available through MakerBot including Thingiverse and MakerBot Cloud.