The No Limits Method®

Digital Lessons

*Includes 36 courses
A uniquely enhanced approach... a catalyst to advance exceptional education,
the No Limits Method® connects brain, body, and environment.

Our Digital Lessons are PK –3rd grade concepts taught by NLM Therapeutic Educators for Exceptional Student Education Instructors to view with their students or recreate in their own way. These lessons are infused with educational strategies to increase each student’s self-determination, conceptual knowledge, and mastery of academic content. Users will experience enhanced instructional delivery, decreased planning time, and the ability to monitor student progress when utilizing the accompanying deliverables.

  • 36 digital video lessons
  • Resources, materials, and assessments for each lesson
  • Tobii Dynavox Snap and Boardmaker integration

NLM - Space - 21 - Orbit & Axis - Digital Lesson

  • Students will learn about the Earth’s orbit and axis.

    Recognize that the sun can only be seen in the daytime. 
    Recognize that earth revolves around the sun in a year and rotates on its axis in a 24-hour day.
    Relate that the rotation of earth (day and night) and apparent movements of the sun, moon, and starts are connected.
    Distinguish among the following objects of the solar system- sun, planets, moons, asteroids, comets – and identify earths position in it.

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