No Limits Method

The No Limits Method® of Therapeutic Education, along with its Digital Lessons and Micro-credential, gives users access to the expertise of those who developed the Method, so that it can be learned, applied, and enacted in a wide variety of educational settings: exceptional education classrooms, inclusive classrooms, and homeschool settings.

Those trained in the Method will know how to implement it for their students, fostering student progress through stages of cognitive development. This will result in students acquiring new cognitive skills. These can range from increased motor function and engagement with their world, to expressive language-use through AAC devices by otherwise non-verbal students. Several students functioning at high cognitive levels have even gone on to pursue higher education in various fields at community colleges and universities.

No Limits Academy - The Czemko Family
No Limits Academy - The Palanzi Family

No Limits Method®


“At the age of 7, Gavin learned how to communicate by using an iPad. He was able to communicate and participate in classroom activities and lessons. He has been able to communicate emotions and feelings to his teacher. With the help of his iPad, he was able to tell his teacher that his stomach hurt, and he did not feel well. He asked her to call his mom. That was such an amazing day for me, and I was so proud of him! He finally was able to express how he felt and communicate his needs. His teachers were able to help him in a way that I didn’t even know was possible. I later discovered this was because of the No Limits Method®. His progress has been astounding. Gavin is happy and fulfilled. I know he will only continue to flourish.”

- Tonya McEver
Proud parent of Gavin McEver

“I saw a change in Leanne in such a short time. She began to be attentive and interact with teachers and peers. She was more awake and enjoyed coming to school. I know that the No Limits Method® works. During the pandemic, I took on homeschooling with the help of her teachers, the lesson plans, and virtual school. Because I had experience at the school and have seen how the teachers work, I knew we would be able to carry on with her progress at home. Thankfully we did, and Leanne has done great.”

- Illeana Vega
Proud parent of Leanne Vega