The No Limits Method®


*Includes 32 courses
A uniquely enhanced approach... a catalyst to advance exceptional education,
the No Limits Method® connects brain, body, and environment.

Our micro-credentialing course, Module I: Philosophy, Strategies & Techniques, was developed for instructors to reach and teach exceptional education students by providing therapeutic education strategies, interventions, and resources to unlock brain potential. As taught by industry leaders and ESE professionals, this dynamic multi-series video training deep dives into unique aspects of exceptional education to strengthen instructor’s skills and promote collaboration with a student’s core team. Instructors will be inspired and empowered to successfully integrate aspects of NLM Core Values and Social Emotional Learning.

  • 32-course series
  • Eligible for state approved PD credits

MC-NLM--1-No Limits Method Introduction: How to Reach and Teach Exceptional Education Students

  • Within this training you will be introduced to the concept of Therapeutic Education. This ideology is grounded in evidence-based research and Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy techniques which impact development of the brain and body. This series includes the philosophy, strategies and techniques of the No Limits Method. It further includes the background and Core Values of the Method, so that instructors can integrate these strategies into the classroom and home learning.

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